i am a cathy. i like a lot of things, but ~80% of this blog can probably be described by: asoiaf, assassin's creed, borgias, dc, doctor who, dragon age, far cry, hannibal, marvel, star wars, tolkien things, and i'M VERY DISORGANIZED, GUYS. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) lastly, i queue everything.

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The danger is I’m dangerous and I might just tear y o u  a p a r t

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the hobbit + locations

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It is not despair, for despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not.

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How do you groom your fantastic eyebrows? (x)

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→ Q u e e n   r e g e n t   o f   F r a n c e (Anne of Austria, regent to Louis XIV. / Catherine de Medici, regent to Charles IX and Henri III )

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he knows how to work with what he’s got making his way to the top

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John William Waterhouse - The Decameron

 I told you I don’t wanna join your super-secret boy band.

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