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FUCK YEAH STAR WARS is a fanblog dedicated to Star Wars Saga. This blog is run by a fan and made for fans. You will never see any hate on this page. I hope you enjoy your visit and may the Force be with you! 

orphan black meme: 2 clones [1/2] » alison hendrix

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pushing daisies meme | six outfits [4/6]
» ned in ‘smell of success

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Where are we going?

     Into d a r k n e s s.

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Qunari are known across Thedas as the brutal horned giants who descended from the north to nearly conquer the continent. These ruthless followers of a harsh philosophy enforce their will through the Ben-Hassrath: their spies and secret police. One brilliant agent did it all, hunting spies, rebels, and deserters until the day he finally broke. To preserve a valuable asset, his superiors sent him to Orlais to observe and report… and The Iron Bull was born.

Today, Bull’s Chargers are famous mercenaries, fiercely loyal to the huge Qunari warrior who leads them into battles and taverns with equal enthusiasm. The Iron Bull still sends the Ben-Hassrath reports, but years of living outside Qunari rules have him wondering which identity is really him. Whoever he is, he’s more than happy to join the Inquisition and get paid to kill demons.

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This was the wound Anakin had taken.

game of thrones s4 challenge
day 5 - favourite quote:
"Let my name have one more moment in the sun before it disappears from the world."

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The House of Marach was named after their first leader Marach or more commonly after his descendant Hador Lórindol, the House was the greatest of the Three Houses of the Edain, and most heroes of the First Age were members of it. Most surviving Edain after the War of Wrath were members of this House, and as such they made up most of the people of Númenor. The Men of the House of Hador typically had blonde hair and blue eyes, and were some of the tallest folk in Beleriand.

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